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On the Issues

Local Economy

Growth on Our Terms

We know this region best. What works here may be different than other parts of the Commonwealth. This includes the zoning and the funding tools necessary to grow our local economy and keep our local taxes affordable. I will work with our local officials and boards to continually determine our needs then provide relentless advocacy to get these needs met.


Infrastructure Needs

The infrastructure needs for our region and the entire nation are great, resulting in stiff competition for funding to address the issues. As the Federal and State agencies develop solutions to our needs, I will represent your interests with an understanding of how to get what will work for our region so that we can provide a great future for all.

Lower Taxes

I support keeping our taxes low and our economy growing. A vibrant economy provides opportunity for all as well as adequate revenues for government to operate.

Commitment to the District 

All Towns & Cities Matter

The Baker Polito administration understands that each community in the Commonwealth has value and deserves the same attention, no matter how big or how small. As your Representative, I will bring this understanding to the Legislature in order to pass budgets and laws that work for all of us. Instead of more unfunded mandates that require taxpayers to fund programs that we do not need, I will fight for proper support for our schools, police and fire departments.


Constituent Services

You deserve a representative who is accessible to listen to the concerns of the district, and who will work every day to try to address those concerns. I am committed to listening to YOU so that your concerns will be heard loud and clear on Beacon Hill.


I am running for this position in order to help solve the challenges we are facing. We need legislators who are able and willing to look at the issues we are facing without regard to whether it will get them re-elected. As your Representative, I will work for ethical reform throughout all levels of state government.


Managing Your Tax Dollars

Fiscal Responsibility 

You work hard to earn a living and I will work hard for you to make sure that your tax dollars are managed well in all forms of state government. I also firmly believe that communities know best how to control budgets and therefore I am committed to returning more taxes to our local governments.


Abuse of Programs

Unfortunately, there are those who wish to abuse government programs through fraud and waste. Reforms must be passed to close loopholes that lead to the abuse of government programs as well as hold agencies accountable for their performance. You deserve a state government that works as hard as you do.

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