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Norman's Experience

Town Moderator

Elected as the Moderator for Lakeville serving from 2014 to 2018, Norman managed Town Meetings that voted for the fiscal budgets and laws for the town. Being well versed in parliamentary law, Norman will bring respectful debate to the Massachusetts House of Representatives.


Lakeville Finance Committee

Elected to the Finance Committee during difficult economic times from 2010 to 2014, Norman developed reasonable solutions for the municipal finances of the community. During his tenure on the finance committee, his leadership helped balance budgets without going to the taxpayers for tax increasing overrides to Proposition 2 ½ despite declining state aid. His understanding of the ever changing financial challenges facing municipalities will serve you well in developing  responsible state budgets. 

Lakeville Planning and Master Plan Committees

Serving on these committees led to the development and implementation of a master plan, an open space and recreation plan, growth development tools, and departmental communication plans for the Town.

Private Sector Engineer

A 1990 graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst College of Engineering, he has been employed as an engineer for private and public infrastructure projects. The majority of his twenty eight years of experience in this field has been for private consulting firms where he oversaw the design and construction of major road and bridge projects. These projects include the relocation of Interstate 195 in downtown Providence and the replacement of the Sakonnet River Bridge that carries Route 24 to Newport, RI.


Public Sector Engineer

In the last few years Norman served Governor Baker’s administration as the Chief of Planning and Engineering for the Department of Conservation and Recreation, overseeing more than $120 million of statewide infrastructure projects annually. In this role he oversaw iconic parkways such as Storrow Drive in Boston, Sea Walls and Piers along the entire coast of Massachusetts, and all of the dams in the Commonwealth among other infrastructure. Many of the challenges facing the 12th Bristol District involve infrastructure needs and Norman’s vast experience in this area means he knows the right questions to be asked and how to advocate effectively for you.

Small Business Owner

Norman has operated a small farm business on a part time basis, growing vegetables for the wholesale market. Meeting the challenges of a small business has taught him to be committed to reducing regulations that make it hard for people to pursue their own business dream. 


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